Velashape (cellulite)

Toning Velashape (cellulite)

Cellulite Treatment, Body Contouring and Lymphatic Drainage

How it works

The Velashape III treatment works by using a combination of technologies. A vacuum like device will elevate the targeted tissue in the area that is being treated so that it is closer to the energy sources. Then, infrared light and bipolar radio frequency energies will be delivered to the tissue to heat the targeted treatment areas quickly and evenly without damaging the skin.

Number of Sessions Required

The number of sessions required varies depending on the area and the initial degree of cellulite. We generally recommend 6 sessions and then spaced-out visits as needed.

Duration of the Session

From 30 to 45 minutes for a session

Expected results

Smoother skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The effects are visible from the first few appointments.
There is no way to get rid of cellulite permanently, but with this innovative technique, the improvement is faster than any other treatment!

Recommended Maintenance

1 time per year

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Qualified technicians
  • Insurance receipt for naturopathy
  • Insurance receipt for massage therapy
Velashape (cellulite)

Price : 1 zone, $299



Velashape Packages

« Anti Cellulite » package
6 Velashape sessions with presso : $1,699
8 Velashape sessions with presso : $2,237 $

« Toning » package
6 Velashape sessions with infra-electro : $1,944
8 Velashape sessions with infra-electro : $2,493

« Lightness » package
6 Velashape sessions with Neurospa : $1,704
8 Velashape sessions with Neurospa : $2,173

« Ultimate » package
6 presso and infra-electro : $2,028
8 presso and infra-electro : $2,605

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‘’Wanting to fight cellulite is not only a question of aesthetics! Working on this problem is also to highlight health problems and habits.’’

Naturopath, massage therapist for over 16 years and student in health psychology, Isabelle Tremblay accompany you through your visits with recommendations and tools to improve treatments and maintain results.

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