Body Care Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a pure joy for those who suffer from leg pain and heaviness! In 80% of cases, the problem of heavy legs is related to poor blood circulation in the legs. The pressotherapy boots are equipped with several air-filled cells that inflate and deflate by exerting different types of pressure and that promote venous return from the feet to the hips.


It helps fight cellulite and breaks down fat cells. The treated legs will thus have a smoother and finer aspect. It also has an action against the appearance of varicose veins.

Water retention

Water retention is linked to a bad circulation of lymph.

The causes of water retention can vary from one person to another and are frequently due to :

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Heat
  • Clothing that is too tight
  • A diet with too much salt
  • Certain diseases: heart, kidney or venous insufficiency.
  • Certain medications
  • Posture: sitting with legs crossed can also hinder venous return.

For athletes

Pressotherapy also promotes recovery and healing after a major effort. It fights against fatigue and venous insufficiency. In short, it is a valuable tool for your performance!

Sessions of 30 minutes or more

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Pressotherapy price:

30-minute session : $22

Discounted visit’s card

3 sessions

5 sessions

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