Body Care Electrostimulation

Once reserved for athletes, electrostimulation is now much more widespread and used by everyone for various reasons. This treatment covers several functions, including improving sports performance, recovery, muscle strengthening and improving aesthetics.

Electro-stimulation is an excellent complementary method to achieve better physical performance or a personal goal such as sculpting and refining your body!

How it works

The principle of electrostimulation is very simple; to stimulate the nerve fibres surrounding the muscles by electrical pulses. The application of electrodes on the skin is painless and the sensation of electrical pulses is quickly sustained and pleasant. This stimulation causes the muscles to contract as your nervous system would, but without effort or sweat!

Sport and training

Muscle recovery will be faster and will allow the athlete to get back on the field more quickly.

You will also like to hear that the strengthening of the muscles by this stimulation allows you to develop your strength and endurance qualities.


Electrostimulation helps maintain muscle tone. It contributes to the improvement of aesthetics without making you lose weight. Indeed, it does not burn fat but by strengthening the muscles, it firms, tones and allows for body remodeling. But keep in mind that a stronger muscle will burn calories at rest! Electrotherapy also helps to fight cellulite.


Electrostimulation should not replace physical, but it is an excellent complement. Moreover, it does not harm the joints since it does not strain them, which can allow people with arthritis or injury to gain strength despite everything.


Two treatments combined for better results!

Electro stimulation is combined with an infrared treatment. You will be wrapped in a blanket emitting deep heat while having the electrodes on your muscles. The infrared treatment used during the session quickly warms the muscles improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The sweating caused by the high temperature creates an artificial fever which in turn activates your immune system.

Duration and price

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. It is recommended to have two sessions per week to obtain good results for approximately six weeks.

*You must wear a bathing suit during your session.

Price: $60


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