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Nous sommes une clinique bien établie depuis plus de 15 ans. Nos services sont divers, tous centrés sur le bien-être physique et mental afin de vous accompagner dans le rétablissement et l’équilibre de votre corps. Nos thérapeutes sont tous accrédités et prêts à vous rencontrer !


Winner of the "consumer's choice" award for the best massage therapy company in Gatineau 2024

Nominated as one of Canada's Best Companies by CBRB for:

  • Customer relations
  • Exceptional service
  • Leadership in business
  • Innovation


For those who are always cold!

Wrapped in a thermal blanket with infrared lights, enjoy the same benefits as a sauna.


Add a 40 minute session to your massage for an optimal experience.



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Book a treatment through our automated online reservation service. When completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please respect your therapist by showing up for your appointment.

You can contact us at 819-243-8696, our team will be happy to assist you.

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